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Aja Wilson’s RUFFLES Ridge Twists spots on Spotify voiced by Sophia Thomas

Here are the 2 most recent voiceover spots I did for RUFFLES Smokey BBQ Ridge Twists airing on Spotify & celebrating @aja22wilson ! ♥️😁“Choose the flavor that speaks to you.”

Huge thanks to all the talented creatives who made this delicious collaboration possible!

@FritoLay & @Ruffles

@aja22wilson @_ajawilson22


@spotify @spotifyusa (Fb)

@cesdvoiceover @cesdtalent

@beauolivercesd @BeauOliverCESD

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Jasmine Demo for Sophia Thomas in Caillou’s New Adventure: S5, E21

Here’s a short demo of Jasmine voiced by Sophia Thomas in S5, E21 of Caillou’s New Adventures called “Earth Day.” In it we see one way to collectively make a difference for the betterment of our world. 

Huge thanks to Paula Gammon Wilson of #Pepsqually @wildbrainkids & the exceptional cast & crew for making each recording such a joy!







Full Earth Episode:


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Sophia Thomas as Jasmine in Caillou Learns to Surf in S5, Ep 29

Summer fun means surfing & Caillou is happy to be part of the action! 😀

Huge thanks to #Pepsqually & the rest of the cast for making each recording a joy.

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Voiceover in the wild with Sophia Thomas

*Featuring this project I voiced for the AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION and I hope this helps the people who need it:

#actorslife #remote #vo #booking #boothlife  #vo #work 💛🎤🧡🎧💚

#VO 💛🎤🧡

#americanlung association  #themoreyouknow #voiceover 


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Sophia Thomas still living that voiceover life…

Sophia Thomas engaged in another vo adventure.

Thankful to my team and all the skilled creatives involved for a variety of VO opportunities.

@cesdvoiceover @cesdtalent



#actorslife #remote #vo #booking #boothlife #work #cesd

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Sophia Thomas works with Director, Haya Waseem

Publicis Foundation “Working with Cancer,” Directed by Haya Waseem / Object & Animal

There’s a way to see each other MORE humanely & I love amplifying grace, support, & security for others. 

It was an honor to work with so many talented & compassionate people on this project. #CommunityCareMatters 

Huge thanks to the plethora of amazing creatives involved ♥️:

Director: haya_wsm



Make-up: @stephanienicolesmith

1st AD: Dawn Bridgewater @dbridge16

Sound: Ray Gaona @thatsoundg

+ my sweet hubby.


#repost ...

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Sophia Thomas loves SIDE LA Studio!

Side LA Studio in Marina Del Rey

I stopped by the beautiful SideLA in Marina Del Rey for a 2nd time this month & worked with another talented person on their audio engineering team. ♥️ 🙌🏽 Definitely a fave studio!

Grateful for everyone (tagged & untagged) 👇🏽


@cesdtalent @cesdvoiceover




#voiceover #sidela #love  #VO ♥️🎤🖤🎧 ...

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Sophia Thomas starts off 2023 at SIDE LA!

SIDE LA in Marina Del Rey, Jan 2023

Stepped into the 1st week of the New Year with SideLA in Marina Del Rey. ♥️🙌🏽
Grateful for everyone involved (tagged & untagged)👇🏽
CESD Talent Agency
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Sophia Thomas as Jasmine in CAILLOU’S NEW ADVENTURES: S5E10 “Kindness Badge”

Because we could all use a little more kindness in the world, here’s an abbreviated clip from Season 5, Episode 10 entitled “Kindness Badge” where Sophia Thomas plays Jasmine (Clementine’s Mom) in the cast of Caillou’s New Adventures! 🥰

Grateful for the following creatives & exceptional cast who make this joyful collaboration possible:

my hubby +


WildBrain Spark

Pepsqually VO and Sound Design

Questar Welsh

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Sophia Thomas collaborates with creatives at Side LA in Marina Del Rey

Side LA voiceover adventures in Marina Del Rey

Popped into Side LA in Marina Del Rey, & what a glorious group of welcoming and talented people! ♥️

Grateful for all the creatives (tagged & untagged) involved.


CESD Talent Agency

Giddens W. Rateau

Erin Hucke

Brittney Weiskopf

Mia Veltri

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