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Sophia…gave Malie a beautiful soul and spirit. I am very glad to have [her] in my [film, "27"] and I enjoyed working with [her]. I hope there will be opportunities for us to…collaborate in the future…[She is] amazing!–Olivia Zhang, Writer-Director

Sophia is a wonderful actress. She is a true professional: skilled…with a convincing vulnerability…She is a giving soul on the set and in life. –Sean Harris

Artists are creative people and the business side of things does not always come easily. Sophia has coached me in both the creative and the business aspects of the theatre/TV/film industires, and has helped me to marry the two. Confidence is key in a business where there is so much rejection and in working with Sophia, I have learned how to be the best I can be, with grace, and to accept the many challenges we face as artists, without backing down. Sometimes we can’t always see clearly when in the thick of things and Sophia’s clear-headed view, and positive reinforcements allowed me to get through a difficult business move that I might otherwise have not made. And it paid off.–Clea Straus Rivera, Actor

I started to work with Sophia in August [2011]. I called her because…I was at a crossroads. It felt like I was working, dancing, singing, acting, auditioning, everything I could; and was getting so close to some major opportunities, but wasn’t getting a JOB! I needed another point of view and some feedback about the things that I was doing right. I also needed encouragement. Sophia gave me great advice and some new ways of approaching this industry. I put her advice into motion and the result blew me away. In late October I booked my first Broadway show [,”HUGH JACKMAN BACK ON BROADWAY!”…I had written [her advice] in my planner that I took with me to the callback. I’m so thankful for her wisdom and encouragement.–Anne Otto, Actor

[Sophia is] one of the most talented, hardworking undiscovered acting diamonds in the rough! –Shelah Mincey, Writer