SOPHIA THOMAS – is doing her best to live up to her name which means, wisdom. 🙂

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn and then Iowa, she has come to realize that she’ll always be a city girl at heart. Most of her adult years were spent in Chicago and then Manhattan until moving across the country to Los Angeles. She’s worn many hats (and fabulous wigs) over the years, prefers simplicity, and knows that she’ll always want music and dance to be a part of her life in some shape or form. An actress/singer/dancer, voice-over artist, career coach/promoter, photographer’s assistant, & all around multi-tasking wife and mother; this lady can make lists like nobody’s business, loves to travel (to warm places), eat good food (preferably spicy), interact with diverse cultures (of all ages), and especially enjoys mentoring and helping other artists reach their full potential.