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Sophia Thomas loves SIDE LA Studio!

Side LA Studio in Marina Del Rey

I stopped by the beautiful SideLA in Marina Del Rey for a 2nd time this month & worked with another talented person on their audio engineering team. ♥️ 🙌🏽 Definitely a fave studio!

Grateful for everyone (tagged & untagged) 👇🏽


@cesdtalent @cesdvoiceover




#voiceover #sidela #love  #VO ♥️🎤🖤🎧 ...

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Sophia Thomas collaborates with creatives at Side LA in Marina Del Rey

Side LA voiceover adventures in Marina Del Rey

Popped into Side LA in Marina Del Rey, & what a glorious group of welcoming and talented people! ♥️

Grateful for all the creatives (tagged & untagged) involved.


CESD Talent Agency

Giddens W. Rateau

Erin Hucke

Brittney Weiskopf

Mia Veltri

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