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Sophia Thomas with senior voice-over stylings in OPAL WATSON: Private Eye kids’ podcast

Sophia Thomas with senior voice-over stylings start at 5:11

The 2nd season of OPAL WATSON: PRIVATE EYE, a podcast for kids, has dropped; & I can be heard briefly as an 80-year old relative in SEASON 2, Ep 1 entitled “Who Disturbed the Herbs?” My senior stylings start at 5:12🎧. Interested listeners: This link Continue Reading →


Sophia Thomas (as Jasmine) celebrating Clementine’s birthday in CAILLOU

Sophia Thomas voices Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy in CAILLOU Beach Party episode

In honor of a certain special little girl I know named Sienna (who’s turning 6 today & LOVES to swim), I’m dropping this brief beach party clip where I voice Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy, in the kid’s cartoon: CAILLOU❣️🎧🎤

Hats off to the following creatives who made this joyful collaboration possible: my hubby ...

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Sophia Thomas is part of audiobook children’s series, THE LUMINARIES written by Laura Nsafou!

Sophia Thomas voices over 5 characters in THE LUMINARIES audiobook for kids.

Sophia Thomas can now be heard voicing 5 characters (Fadya, Luminary 2, Queen Lesedi, the Mermaid, & Eyala) ranging from ages 9-59 in the children’s audiobook series called THE LUMINARIES beautifully written by Afro-feminist activist & author, Laura Nsafou via Lunii!! Available here> Continue Reading →


SOPHIA THOMAS voices JASMINE, Clementine’s Mommy in a couple CAILLOU episodes!

Sophia Thomas voices JASMINE in 2 episodes of CAILLOU

Thrilled to share I’m featured as Jasmine, Clementine’s mommy, in a couple episodes of a cartoon for kids called “CAILLOU❣️” 🎧🎤 


#black #Representation matters. #ForTheCulture

📸 My photo by @fotochad 💟

Many thx to my hubby +





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Latest VO for KYNDRYL released!

Thrilled to lend my voice to this innovative team of progress & growth!


MANY THANKS to all the exceptional businesses & heart-driven people below👇🏽:

My dear hubby +


Wunderman Thompson

Heard City

Carrie Faverty

Crew Cuts NYC / Roman Zeitlin

CESD Talent Agency

Sumeet Iyengar

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A VO for Volvo!

VO for Volvo!

Thrilled for consistent voiceover opportunities provided by my CESD Talent Agency team & also grateful for the following fabulous creatives: my hubby +

Volvo Cars


Made In Katana

Fun Facts: VOLVO means “I roll” in Latin, conjugated from “volvere.”

Volvo’s logo is the ancient chemical symbol for iron.

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Sophia Thomas lands another delicious Voiceover project via Stouffer’s

I love to eat ♥️ & recently booked a yummy STOUFFERS job that worked remotely from home! 😁

So grateful for the hard-working #voiceover team at @cesdtalent in #la 

Shoutouts to all at my @cesdvoiceover family as well as the following creatives for making this delicious collaboration possible!




@stouffers @nestle

#actorslife #remote ...

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SUMMERTIME’s “Best movie” review!

Thrilled to be even a tiny part of this with my son who appears briefly as Sam.💛🎬💙🎥 Bravo to everyone involved ...

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Sophia Thomas collaboration with FotoChad on NFT called “Back to Life”

“Back to Life” now on Hicetnunc2000 until 7/18/2021

It’s #nationalvoiceactorday & my 1st #nftdrop with #voiceover [in collaboration with @fotochad ] is out!! *A wish for those whose #hearts need mending… ♥️ Available on Hicetnunc2000 for #HEN200 until Sunday 7/18/2021… Entitled ”Back to Life” now on @hicetnunc2000 for #HEN200 A collaboration with @sophiathomas1010 & @fotochad of

200/200 at .2 tez till Sunday then Continue Reading →


SUMMERTIME is out in theaters nationally!

The @summertimemovie2021 🎬 Directed by @clopezestrada (also known for Disney’s RAYA & BLINDSPOTTING) can be viewed in theaters nationwide now❣️❣️This #feature #film was also my 1st time playing opposite my real son who appeared briefly as Sam.🎬💙🎥 Our experience with this cast/crew was deeply meaningful. Bravo to everyone involved in ...

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