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Sophia Thomas as Jasmine in CAILLOU’S NEW ADVENTURES: S5E10 “Kindness Badge”

Because we could all use a little more kindness in the world, here’s an abbreviated clip from Season 5, Episode 10 entitled “Kindness Badge” where Sophia Thomas plays Jasmine (Clementine’s Mom) in the cast of Caillou’s New Adventures! 🥰

Grateful for the following creatives & exceptional cast who make this joyful collaboration possible:

my hubby +


WildBrain Spark

Pepsqually VO and Sound Design

Questar Welsh

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Sophia Thomas returns as Jasmine in Season 5 of Caillou

Sophia Thomas will be in 6 upcoming episodes of CAILLOU as Jasmine.

I’m back in Season 5 of CAILLOU playing the role of Jasmine in 6 upcoming episodes. The next one, “Camp Caillou,” airs 6/20/2022❣️🎧🎤 💜 

Hats off to the following creatives & dream-team cast who make this joyful collaboration possible: 

~my hubby +







📸 My photo by @FotoChad 💟

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Sophia Thomas (as Jasmine) celebrating Clementine’s birthday in CAILLOU

Sophia Thomas voices Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy in CAILLOU Beach Party episode

In honor of a certain special little girl I know named Sienna (who’s turning 6 today & LOVES to swim), I’m dropping this brief beach party clip where I voice Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy, in the kid’s cartoon: CAILLOU❣️🎧🎤

Hats off to the following creatives who made this joyful collaboration possible: my hubby ...

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SOPHIA THOMAS voices JASMINE, Clementine’s Mommy in a couple CAILLOU episodes!

Sophia Thomas voices JASMINE in 2 episodes of CAILLOU

Thrilled to share I’m featured as Jasmine, Clementine’s mommy, in a couple episodes of a cartoon for kids called “CAILLOU❣️” 🎧🎤 


#black #Representation matters. #ForTheCulture

📸 My photo by @fotochad 💟

Many thx to my hubby +





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