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Sophia Thomas starts off 2023 at SIDE LA!

SIDE LA in Marina Del Rey, Jan 2023

Stepped into the 1st week of the New Year with SideLA in Marina Del Rey. ♥️🙌🏽
Grateful for everyone involved (tagged & untagged)👇🏽
CESD Talent Agency
Giddens W. Rateau
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Sophia Thomas lends her voice to a new feature, AIMEE, directed by Lee Whittaker of Shattered Image Films (Coming soon…)

Official Movie Poster

🎥 AIMEE, directed by @1eewhittaker of @Shttrd_img_flms shines a light on the horrific silent epidemic of child sex trafficking going on right here in the USA.

It’s an honor to participate in something bringing awareness to produce positive change.‬
(Trailer & Release date coming soon)
#VO #life #films that matter

#aimeemovie #stopchildsextrafficking #wewillfindyou

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Sophia Thomas wraps up Season 1 of TV dubbing for lead role, MUTONI!

Had a fun final day wrapping up SEASON 1 voice #dubbing at World Post Studios for Rwandan TV 📺 #comedy series, MUTONI, in the lead role of #MutoniContinue Reading →

Sophia Thomas – jumps into VO dubbing for African TV series!

VO recording today at World Post Studios: English dubbing for African TV!

#VO #TVdubbing 

Huge thanks to Ricardo Nunez & @eduardoroman123
Photo by @jimmyoligney 

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Sophia Thomas promos AMERICA’S PET EXPO 2017 at DG Entertainment

#VO #LA #Artist


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ADR complete for SOPHIA THOMAS playing Carol in LIFETIME TV-Movie…

Had a great time doing #ADR for #Lifetime #TV-Movie with fun, pro-actor #Asylum #Director, Jose Montesinos. 🙂  

Premieres 5/13 @ 8 pm/PST!

#Booth Work Rocks

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