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Sophia Thomas lends her voice to a new feature, AIMEE, directed by Lee Whittaker of Shattered Image Films (Coming soon…)

Official Movie Poster

🎥 AIMEE, directed by @1eewhittaker of @Shttrd_img_flms shines a light on the horrific silent epidemic of child sex trafficking going on right here in the USA.

It’s an honor to participate in something bringing awareness to produce positive change.‬
(Trailer & Release date coming soon)
#VO #life #films that matter

#aimeemovie #stopchildsextrafficking #wewillfindyou

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Sophia Thomas wraps up Season 1 of TV dubbing for lead role, MUTONI!

Had a fun final day wrapping up SEASON 1 voice #dubbing at World Post Studios for Rwandan TV 📺 #comedy series, MUTONI, in the lead role of #MutoniContinue Reading →

Sophia Thomas – jumps into VO dubbing for African TV series!

VO recording today at World Post Studios: English dubbing for African TV!

#VO #TVdubbing 

Huge thanks to Ricardo Nunez & @eduardoroman123
Photo by @jimmyoligney 

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Sophia Thomas promos AMERICA’S PET EXPO 2017 at DG Entertainment

#VO #LA #Artist


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ADR complete for SOPHIA THOMAS playing Carol in LIFETIME TV-Movie…

Had a great time doing #ADR for #Lifetime #TV-Movie with fun, pro-actor #Asylum #Director, Jose Montesinos. 🙂  

Premieres 5/13 @ 8 pm/PST!

#Booth Work Rocks

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