Sophia Thomas voices a fun character in INFOSEC – Choose Your Own Adventure series.

Sophia Thomas participates in Choose Your Own Adventure-5 for Infosec

‘Twas an unexpected treat to be part of a clever project called “Choose Your Own Adventure” for INFOSEC by voicing a character in their animated, corporate #cybersecurity training series, structured like a choose your own adventure game. Each episode is a gently comedic, loose parody of a famous film.  https://www.infosecinstitute.com/iq/choose-your-own-adventure/

I want to approach 2022 this way: CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! 😀 May we continue to choose adventures that cause us to grow personally & professionally, as well as grow in empathy toward others. Closing 2021 with gratitude & looking forward…

Major thanks to the following creatives who made this opportunity so positive:

@infosecEdu (Fb & Twitter)  @infosecinstitude (IG)

@pepsqually (Fb) #pepsqually (IG & Twitter)

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