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Sophia Thomas returns as Jasmine in Season 5 of Caillou

Sophia Thomas will be in 6 upcoming episodes of CAILLOU as Jasmine.

I’m back in Season 5 of CAILLOU playing the role of Jasmine in 6 upcoming episodes. The next one, “Camp Caillou,” airs 6/20/2022❣️🎧🎤 💜 

Hats off to the following creatives & dream-team cast who make this joyful collaboration possible: 

~my hubby +







📸 My photo by @FotoChad 💟

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Sophia Thomas (as Jasmine) celebrating Clementine’s birthday in CAILLOU

Sophia Thomas voices Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy in CAILLOU Beach Party episode

In honor of a certain special little girl I know named Sienna (who’s turning 6 today & LOVES to swim), I’m dropping this brief beach party clip where I voice Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy, in the kid’s cartoon: CAILLOU❣️🎧🎤

Hats off to the following creatives who made this joyful collaboration possible: my ...

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SOPHIA THOMAS voices JASMINE, Clementine’s Mommy in a couple CAILLOU episodes!

Sophia Thomas voices JASMINE in 2 episodes of CAILLOU

Thrilled to share I’m featured as Jasmine, Clementine’s mommy, in a couple episodes of a cartoon for kids called “CAILLOU❣️” 🎧🎤 


#black #Representation matters. #ForTheCulture

📸 My photo by @fotochad 💟

Many thx to my hubby +





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