Sophia Thomas (as Jasmine) celebrating Clementine’s birthday in CAILLOU

Sophia Thomas voices Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy in CAILLOU Beach Party episode

In honor of a certain special little girl I know named Sienna (who’s turning 6 today & LOVES to swim), I’m dropping this brief beach party clip where I voice Jasmine, Clementine’s Mommy, in the kid’s cartoon: CAILLOU❣️🎧🎤

Hats off to the following creatives who made this joyful collaboration possible: my hubby + Caillou, Wild Brain Studios, Pepsqually VO & Sound Design, Paul Gammon Wilson, Questar Welsh/Real Recording, Inc

www.sophiathomasvoiceover.com IMDb: https://t.co/BnvTXJpSdu