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Sophia Thomas does voice-over for QVC/HSN TV Holiday Campaign featuring Beekman 1802

I love #goats🐐 AND #beauty😍, so I’m thrilled to promote Beekman 1802 via voice-over on the #qvc & #hsn holiday campaign❣️

It was also a treat working with the following stellar team of creatives: 🎤♥️🎧💚Continue Reading →


Sophia Thomas has some voice-over cheer to share…

Grateful for more VO opportunities & collaborations


Thoroughly enjoyed working with this stellar team of creative people & looking forward to sharing some TV/radio #voiceover cheer in the near future. 🎤♥️🎧 💚

Huge thanks to the spectacular companies & creatives below. 👇🏽:

My dear hubby +





@AnotherCountrySound / Erik Widmark on Facebook)

@heardcity | @carriefaverty 

@CESD Talent Agency ...

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