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BRIDGES short film (with Sophia Thomas as I.R.I.S.) now under the “Spotlight” section at Urbanworld Film Festival!

SOPHIA THOMAS stars as I.R.I.S. in “Bridges”

“Bridges,” the story of Ruby Bridges, a musical sci—fi animated short film (where Sophia Thomas plays the role of I.R.I.S.) is now under the “Spotlight” section of the Urbanworld Film Festival alongside 8 other films (including the current betting favorite for a Best Picture Oscar nomination, “American Fiction.”)

Huge congrats to the entire OUR HEROES ROCK ...

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Sophia Thomas plays I.R.I.S. in Our Heroes Rock premiere of short, BRIDGES, at Urbanworld Film Festival.

Sophia Thomas thrilled to be in the cast of @OurHeroesRock as I.R.I.S. which just announced its the world premiere of the short film, “Bridges.” Saturday, November 4, 2023 at Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City at 2:15 PM, AMC 34th Street 14 – Theater 11!

Sophia Thomas plays I.R.I.S.

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