Sophia Thomas is part of audiobook children’s series, THE LUMINARIES written by Laura Nsafou!

Sophia Thomas voices over 5 characters in THE LUMINARIES audiobook for kids.

Sophia Thomas can now be heard voicing 5 characters (Fadya, Luminary 2, Queen Lesedi, the Mermaid, & Eyala) ranging from ages 9-59 in the children’s audiobook series called THE LUMINARIES beautifully written by Afro-feminist activist & author, Laura Nsafou via Lunii!! Available here> https://lunii.com/en-us/luniistore-catalogue/the-luminaries/

About THE LUMINARIES: Between the deserts of Mali & the rivers of Mauritania is a song known only to Africa itself. It is a song that can be heard every day, as long as the wind isn’t blowing too hard.This is the song of the Luminaries, a group of women with magic powers dressed in long, golden tunics. It is said that they give help to anyone they meet along the way who asks it of them.A real voyage of discovery inspired by traditional African stories.

*Parents of young ones seeking creative stories minus the screen time, this is it! Check their site for many stories: http://www.lunii.com/