Sophia Thomas as Zoey Moon in “12-Steps to Recovery” web-series leaping to the Punch TV Network starting Nov. 2nd!!

“12-Steps To Recovery” will air on Punch TV Network starting November 2nd on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 11:30PM, EST — 10:30PM, CST — 8:30PM, PST. In December, the time will move into an earlier slot. Cities and Direct TV channels to come. Season one will available in 35 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS via Punch Television Network!

Such fantastic news for the entire cast and crew of Tony Clomax’s 12-Steps to Recovery: a webseries (written/directed by Tony S. Clomax) which MAKES A LEAP FROM WEB SERIES TO PRIME TIME CABLE!

I performed as “Zoey Moon” in Episode 12 (Speed Dating) MY CLIP STARTS @ 4:11-4:32. Click link to watch & enjoy! http://blip.tv/12stepswebseries/12-steps-to-recovery-episode-10-speed-dating-pt-1-5230379

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved (cast, crew, sponsors, and special thanks to the viewers)

Read the press release: http://www.prlog.org/11995123-black-web-series-to-30-minute-prime-time-cable.html

WBQP Pensacola FL Channel 12.1
KLNK Lufkin TX Channel TBD
WBWP Palm Beach FL Channel 57
KGMC Fresno CA Channel 43.1
WBY33, WHPR Detroit MI Channel 33
KUTB Salt Lake UT Channel 18
K45IY Alexandria LA Channel 35
K31HO Shreveport LA Channel 31
K45IM Monroe/ Boiser City LA Channel 45
KCTU Witcha KS Channel 43.2
WKNI Andalusia AL Channel 25.1
WPVN Chicago IL Channel 24.1
KZSA San Angelo TX Channel TBD
KSCE El Paso TX Channel 38
KHDTV High Desert (Los Angeles) CA
WJJN Dothan AL Channel 56.4
WNYN New York NY Channel 39.2
KSQA Topika KS
KYHT Lake Charles LA Channel 48
KMCA Chico Redding CA Channel 10
KACN Anchorage AK Channel 33.3
KVQT Houston TX Channel 21.5
KAOB Beaumont TX Channel 27.4
KGMC Fresno CA Channel 43.1
Cable Vincient IN Channel 21
WBII Memphis TN Channel 20
WENI Indianapolis IN Channel 19.1